Impact Potential of the innovations

Accenture defines 360-degree value as delivering value across multiple dimensions including sustainability, and thereby moving beyond narrowly defined views of value.

Highlighting the Impact Potential*

In order to understand Impact Potential of the ten sustainable tech innovations in the Billion Dollar Collection, Accenture applies a 360-degree value mindset. The purpose is to showcase the multi-dimensional value that the innovations can create at scale with support from the industry, enabling to reinvent fashion.

The Impact Potential has been created by Accenture, and are indicative high-level estimations of the innovations’ multi-dimensional value potential in 2030. The year 2030 is chosen to enable the innovations to have time to scale, but also as a reference to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030.

The indicative impact is estimated in comparison to a “business-as-usual scenario”, where the fashion industry continues to grow and operate on its current trajectory. The indicative impact is based on interviews and additional data input from the innovators. However, to gather further data input, external data from reputable sources have been gathered when necessary, as well as interviews with sustainability and retail experts at Accenture, and Accenture’s Global Value Services team.

The Billion Dollar Collection presents a unique opportunity to help the fashion industry reinvent itself through sustainable innovations that can fuel future growth and bring positive change. By adopting our 360-degree value approach for this collection, we are demonstrating how these new innovations can deliver value across multiple dimensions including sustainability – and move past narrowly defined views of value.

Jill Standish
Senior Managing Director and Global Retail Industry Group Lead at Accenture

* The impact potentials and other statistical, quantitative and other information supplied by Accenture consist of estimates and are not intended to be statements of fact or recommendations regarding any specific innovation. The estimates contained herein involve the exercise of judgment and the making of numerous assumptions that may or may not prove accurate and such estimates may or may not agree with actual or realized values for the relevant innovations. Accordingly, Accenture hereby disclaims any representation or warranty as to the accuracy, fitness, utility or application of the information contained herein for any purpose, including for the purposes of making an investment decision.

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