Ten innovations looking to scale

The fashion industry needs radical change. Sustainable innovation is part of the puzzle and there are plenty of innovations out there. Yet, innovators and entrepreneurs struggle to attract the necessary support to scale up their innovations and create real impact.

To highlight this issue and help speed up the transition towards a sustainable fashion industry, we have created a virtual fashion collection – the Billion Dollar Collection. Each garment represents a ground-breaking, Global Change Award-winning innovation that has the potential to shape the fashion industry of tomorrow, if scaled up today.

The price tag of each garment corresponds to the support that each start-up estimates is needed to create large-scale impact until 2030.



Through a thin RFID thread, Adetex.ID opens up for new possibilities within for example textile recycling, stock management and second-hand solutions.

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Algaeing logo

Using the game-changing microorganism algae, Algaeing creates biodegradable and renewable thread and dye with a small footprint.

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Green Nettle Textile


Using resilient stinging nettles to produce a linen-like fabric, Green Nettle Textile offers an environmentally friendly alternative to conventional linen.

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Using a manufacturing method based on biomaterials, MycoTEX creates products that requires less water than natural fibers do, and no farmland or chemicals.

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Offering a biodegradable and mineral-based membrane for outdoor wear, dimpora enables outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy nature without harming it.

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By capturing carbon dioxide emissions and turning them into sustainable polyester pellets, Fairbrics has invented the first synthetic fibre with a net positive climate impact.

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Reverse Resources


Reverse Resources connects supply with demand by tracing, mapping and trading textile leftovers to reduce the need for virgin materials.

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Through a powerful jet engine that plugs directly into existing production systems, SeaChange wants to eliminate wastewater at its source.

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Challenging the toxic synthetic leather industry, VEGEA has found a way to create vegan leather out of leftovers from winemaking.

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Unspun creates bespoke jeans with a perfect fit using algorithms from a body scan, eliminating the need for inventory and reducing waste.

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